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We perform the top oil tank sweep in Morris County NJ. Many older homes were heated with traditional oil tanks. When the homeowners upgraded to modern gas and electric systems, oil tanks were sometimes abandoned in the ground. Over time, these oil tanks will corrode and will leak oil into the soil and groundwater, causing significant health risks.

North American Home Inspections, LLC performs oil tank sweeps in Rockaway, NJ. We’ll visually inspect the area around your house for leftover components. Then, we’ll use specialized equipment to scan your property for an oil tank.

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Why is it important to get an oil tank sweep?

It might not sound dangerous to leave an old oil tank in the ground, but oil can leak and seep into the surrounding soil and groundwater, creating a variety of issues. Oil tank sweeps can make sure you’re not at risk for:

  • Oil vapors leaking out the tank and igniting, causing a fire on your property
  • Oil leaking into the local water supply, leading to thousands of dollars in cleanup expenses
  • An empty oil tank collapsing, creating a sinkhole on your property

Heating oil contains carcinogens and poses a serious health risk when it leaks into the soil. Many lenders will even refuse to approve a loan for a house that has an underground oil tank. An inspection will help you rest easy knowing your home, family and community are safe.

Tank sweeps are becoming increasingly important due to serious financial liability and health concerns over leaking oil tanks that contaminate surrounding soil and groundwater. An oil tank sweep investigates whether an underground oil tank exists on a particular property using visual cues and subsurface detection instruments. The purpose is to confirm whether a tank exists and its location so it can be assessed and removed. Many abandoned tanks have leaked, which makes removal & the resulting cleanup very costly. Detection is critical before you purchase a property.

As your local home inspector we will help you get peace of mind by creating a detailed report of our findings. North American Home Inspections will take care of your radon inspection, termite inspection, and pre-listing inspection to make sure your house is safe and sturdy. We also offer septic tank inspections.

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