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Make sure that your septic tank is in good Ccndition and identify problems early with a septic tank inspection in Morris County NJ! Septic tanks are a vital part of your plumbing system. But since they’re out of sight, they can be easy to forget about. You can prevent major issues with your septic system by arranging for a septic tank inspection every few years. North American Home Inspections, LLC is a home inspection company in Rockaway, NJ that performs septic tank inspections.

During your inspection, we will…

  • Check that components inside the home, including appliances and pipes, have proper connections and discharge into approved waste systems.
  • Examine the inside of the treatment tank and distribution box for leakage, cracks or corrosion.
  • Use a digital camera to inspect pipes and perform a flow test to ensure that your system isn’t damaged.

You’ll receive a comprehensive report on the condition of your system. Contact us today to schedule a septic tank inspection in Rockaway, New Jersey.

Home Inspection in Rockaway NJ | North American Home Inspections

Many homeowners hire septic tank companies when they want a septic tank inspection. Since these companies can profit off a damaged system, they aren’t always fully impartial in their assessment. North American Home Inspections doesn’t repair or install septic systems, so you can rest assured that your report will be accurate.

Our Open-Pit Septic Inspection Process evaluates septic components inside the home & outside. The tank is opened and checked for cracks, volume, leakage, and problems. A digital camera is put in pipes to identify issues. The inspection includes a flow test for absorption. Our inspection provides 2 documents: A cover letter stating clearly the overall condition of the septic system and what problems may be present, as well as independent assessments of the system’s three major components. It also provides a detailed report based on NJDEP & PSMA standards evaluating each component.

As the most qualified local Morris County NJ home inspector, we will help you get peace of mind by creating a detailed report of our findings. North American Home Inspections can also take care of your radon inspection, termite inspection, and pre-listing inspection to make sure your house is safe and sturdy. We also offer oil tank sweeps and condo inspections.

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